Why does the 2017 Bud Light Super Bowl commercial work so well? Because it is, unequivocally… funny. That’s why, it’s just genuinely funny. In fact, this is an early contender for the funniest ad of Super Bowl LI, if perhaps not the best ad. That title often goes to a Super Bowl commercial with heart instead of one that plays for laughs. Think “Lost Dog” for example.

Let’s count the individual excellent jokes in this one minute, thirty second ad. First we have the “sad bacon legs” inside joke. Then the dog’s “my ex” throwaway moment. Then we have the “proof is in the pants” gag. Next we have the “fedora was a bad idea” joke. And finally the “I don’t have thumbs” last laugh line.

Well done as usual, Bud Light. The “Ghost Spuds” ad is a winner, and will surely rank as one of the most-watch 2017 Super Bowl commercials.