Both Audi and Hyundai, two automakers with wildly differing past Super Bowl commercial strategies, are once again making big ad pushes in the big game next February 2012. For Audi this (hopefully) represents a continued trend of memorable, creative commercials that has extended back for the past five games. For Hyundai it’s (hopefully) an attempt to gain more recognition in the North American market after the 2011 Super Bowl’s run of boring, strange, and downright off-putting ads.

While they haven’t yet announced specific strategies for next year’s spots, Audi’s past commercials have been very successful. In 2010 they gave us the Green Police, touting the benefits of the A3 TDI, the Green Car of the Year. In 2011 they took a direct swipe at their competitor Mercedes-Benz in a commercial that used the children’s book Goodnight Moon as a backdrop for putting the competition down.

Hyundai hasn’t fared so well. Their trio of ads in the 2011 game were safe, boring, and frankly a huge waste of money. This year they have announced that they will air no fewer than five spots: two during the pre-game, two during the game itself, and one 60-second spot to air right before kickoff. While we love Jeff Bridges as much as the next guy, we hope Hyundai leaves him behind this year and brings something edgy and interesting to the table.

Have a look at Audi and Hyundai’s prior Super Bowl commercial attempts.

Audi: The Green Police

Seriously, what was Hyundai thinking?