While Busch beer is, well, not very good, the Busch 2017 Super Bowl commercial is pretty great. The joke in this ad is so simple that to describe it in words is almost to do it a disservice.

But here we go: in the ad, a spokesman — who is apparently called Busch Guy — talks about the classic taste of the beer, and then says how it even sounds the same as it ever has. He cracks a can, and the can goes “BUUUUSSSSSCHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Then Busch Guy looks around awkwardly. That’s… the whole thing.

But it’s hilarious, trust us! We can only imagine how the people behind the ad pushed it from pitch meeting to production, but we’re glad they did, because the simple, comical Busch Super Bowl LI spot is a winner. (Even if the beer is… not.)