So yes, the 2017 Kia Super Bowl ad is on the gimmicky side, with a lot of overly-high-concept, slightly simplistic slapstick jokes standing in for actual comedy merit. And it relies on effects and physical comedy heavily. But dammit, this commercial is still charming and amusing nonetheless.

Actress Melissa McCarthy is just too likeable to not like her Kia Super Bowl ad, which is titled “Hero’s Journey” and depicts her haplessly gallivanting about attempting (and largely failing) to do good deeds on behalf of the environment.

Really, the biggest problem we have with Kia’s Super Bowl 51 ad has nothing to do with the content of the spot itself, but rather with the name of the new Kia vehicle, which is Niro. Which just isn’t a compelling name. Better than the Ford Edsel (and Pinto), but still not great.