Just a word of warning, in case you have not already watched the Evony Super Bowl LI commercial: it’s going to make you want to immediately enter into an epic battle. And not just using your smartphone or tablet, we’re talking a battle IRL.

This ad is not just inspirational, it positively stirs up the bloodlust. It depicts King Arthur, George Washington, and Empress Wu Zetian leading armies into the fray, and you will wish you were right there with them.

Fortunately, you don’t need to enter into a medieval sword fight, charge a battalion of redcoats, or join ranks with the empress of China to deal with the sudden desire you’ll feel to slay enemies at the end of this Super Bowl ad; you can just download Evony: The King’s Return and instead wage war against digital adversaries, no criminal, moral, or geopolitical implications involved!

(And yes, that is acclaimed actor Aaron Eckhart playing George W.)