When you make cars that are as good as those made by Audi, maybe you don’t even have to showcase your vehicles that much, even when we’re talking about a Super Bowl commercial that will be seen by tens of millions of people.

That’s certainly the chance Audi is taking with their 2017 Super Bowl ad, in which you don’t even seen one of their cars until the 46 second mark of the minute-long ad. (And you can’t tell which specific car it is until the 56th second. It’s an Audi S5, FYI. Very nice.)

The 2017 Audi Super Bowl commercial is called “Daughter,” and instead of celebrating cars, it celebrates equality, specifically among women and men. It’s a touching and inspirational spot, but it also puts us all on the spot, as it were.

Is this kind of messaging still necessary in the year 2017? Yes. Maybe more so than ever, in fact. Good job, Audi — you used a huge stage to share a big message many people have somehow still not heard yet.