The 2017 Super Bowl Commercial 84 Lumber initially submitted for broadcast was rejected by Fox for being too political, so instead the brand came back with the edited version you see here. While the commercial that will air on Super Bowl Sunday is not overtly political, here’s the thing: the ad, which is titled “The Journey Begins” and indeed shows a mother and young daughter on an epic overland journey, does not once mention lumber or building. It just shows the journey. So rather than promoting their brand or their product, the 84 Lumber Super Bowl commercial is making a statement.

To get the whole thrust of that statement (i.e. see the rest of this short film), you have to go to the website The site won’t be fully unlocked until halftime of Super Bowl LI (suspense much!) but our guess? Once it the rest of the video can be seen, things are going to be pretty damn political! The CEO of the 84 Lumber has suggested that the company is opposed to recent shifts in the tenor of our national sense of welcoming and unity, and this is one high-profile way they can register their disapproval. In our small way, we can say something too: well done, 84 Lumber.