Gentlemen, take notice of this ad, because it speaks the truth: according to numerous studies, men who take an active role in housework also report a much more active, enjoyable role in the bedroom. And we’re not talking about making the bed! Nor or are we talking about folding laundry.

Or about reading. No, to be oddly clear, we’re talking about sex. Yep, more help with chores usually equates to more sex. So FYI.

The 2017 Mr. Clean Super Bowl commercial depicts a very sexy Mr. Clean — which is not something we ever expected to see from this venerable, white-clad cartoon man — helping clean all around the house and, in the process, winning a woman’s heart.

When it is revealed that the Mr. Clean in question is actually the woman’s good ol’ husband, relations ensure almost at once. Which is a pretty inconvenient interruption to his cleaning, Sarah.