What King’s Hawaiian rolls lack in any appreciable nutritional value, they make up for in being absolutely delicious. And the charming 2017 King’s Hawaiian Super Bowl commercial — their first ever, by the way — will surely only add to America’s 65+ year love affair with these sweet and fluffy foodstuffs.

The King’s Hawaiian Super Bowl ad shows a dad who thinks he had found the perfect spot to hide the irresistible Hawaiian Rolls his family usually gobbles up before he has the chance to eat them, but we quickly learn that his son had unwittingly infiltrated the hiding spot from the other side of the wall.

OK, technically the premise of this commercial is entirely flawed, for if the kid is speaking the truth when he tells his friend there are “always King’s Hawaiian rolls inside” the spot where he looks, then the dad would have long ago figured out that his secret stash spot was no secret at all.

But rather than read too deeply into this thing, let’s just enjoy the sweet-natured ad as much as we enjoy sweet, fluffy Hawaiian-style breads.