Why is the 2017 Honda CRV Super Bowl commercial such a winner? Let’s name a few names to help answer that. Tina Fey. Robert Redford. Amy Adams. Magic Johnson. Steve Carell. Missy Elliott. Stan Lee. Jimmy Kimmel. Viola Davis.

OK, that’s enough of that… and also that’s everyone who “appears” in this clever commercial. “Appears” meaning in this case that they have their high school yearbook photos come to life and speak to us about motivation, persistence, and self-worth.

As is so common with Super Bowl commercials these days, the 2017 Honda CRV Super Bowl spot doesn’t really have much to do with the midsized SUV which it is supposed to be promoting.

Instead, it just uses some excellent content — in this case in the form of digitally animated celebrity yearbook photos — and then slaps a product up there with it. (Yeah, Audi did the same kind of thing too this year, didn’t they?)