Well, folks, here are the first-ever World of Tanks Super Bowl commercials — yes that’s right, two of them — and they’re wacky. Like we intimated in the subject line there. Perhaps even wackier than the non-sequitur style of humor the World of Tanks Super Bowl spots use is the fact that clearly mobile gaming has become such a huge business that Super Bowl 51 will feature three different mobile game ad campaigns. That’s almost the same number of Super Bowl commercial spots dedicated to BEER!

The first World of Tanks Super Bowl commercial is titled “Real Awful Moms” and it depicts a room full of awful harpies shrieking at each other only to have a Sherman tank come busting through the living room wall. Which, were that to happen in a actual “reality” show, would be awesome.

The second spot is titled “Stiffedra” and depicts a battle tank ruining a mature couple’s romantic moment. Also better than standard ED commercials, though still pretty much random.