In keeping with what seems to be the trend in automotive Super Bowl commercials in 2017, the Ford Super Bowl LI commercial doesn’t even hint at the product it’s advertising until well into the minute-and-a-half long spot, but as with the other 2017 Super Bowl car commercials that have used this same approach (Audi, for example), we’re cool with it because the content leading up to the brand “reveal” is amusing stuff.

In fact, we have only one issue with the 2017 Ford Super Bowl commercial, and that’s the fact that really the tagline should be “Go Farther,” not “Go Further,” if we’re going to be technical and grammatically-correct and whatnot.

The ad is still a pleasant blend of humorous and charming, despite the fact that using the imperative “go” with the word “further” doesn’t really work. Oh well, most folks probably won’t care.