No, the first-ever Yellow Tail Super Bowl commercial does not teach you anything about their wines. In fact, the ad doesn’t even tell you what kinds of wine this budget-priced vintner offers ( you can tell that they make both red and white varietals, at any rate).

The only really remarkable thing about the Yellow Tail Super Bowl 51 commercial is that it exists at all, in fact: you just don’t see a commercial for a wine on TV that often, and you certainly don’t see a wine Super Bowl commercial.

It seems as though instead of trying to position their wine as notably delicious (most of their offerings are fine, if not great), notably well-priced (though it is), or really otherwise notable at all, they were just hoping to put wine on the minds of the tens of millions of people watching Super Bowl LI.

And just maybe, then, the next time one of said viewers is standing in the wine aisle, they just might grab a bottle emblazoned with a kangaroo. If that happens enough to generate five million dollars of revenue, then hey, success.