Kristen Schaal is one of those actors who can make pretty much any situation funny. Whether she is lending her voice to an animated character, playing a quirky girlfriend in a comedy sitcom, or, in this case, shilling for T-Mobile, she’s just funny.

The fact that the premise of this third T-Mobile Super Bowl LI ad is also funny makes it doubly successful.

In the ad, titled “Punished,” we see Schaal responding with forbidden pleasure to the pain caused by a Verizon wireless plan. The ad not only scores points off of Verizon, but also “subtly” scores off the “50 Shades of Grey” franchise, and we support taking a shot in that direction, too.

Also, man, how many good ads can one brand run during one Super Bowl? Seems like three, actually. So we answered that for ourselves, but thanks anyway.