The Super Bowl is famous for nothing if not ridiculously inflated advertising prices, with 30-second slots this year going for as high as $3.5 million. Ad to that the multi-million dollar budgets that some commercial productions require, and you have serious companies paying serious money for 30 seconds of your attention.

Here is the current listing of known advertisers for the upcoming game, including what product we think they may be pushing and how much time they’re buying. We’ll keep on top of this and update it as more becomes official.

Anheuser-Busch InBev – Wow, their acquisition really put a tangle into the company’s name, didn’t it? Always a big advertiser during the Super Bowl, though it’s not currently known exactly how much time they’re buying this time around. Historically it’s been around three or minutes of time, and we already reported on their plans to push Bud Light Platinum.

Audi Of America – One spot so far. This is their fifth consecutive Super Bowl Appearance, and they usually put on a decent show.

Best Buy – Just one spot again this year. Last year they had Bieber and Ozzy show off some new thing or other in their Super Bowl spot. It clearly wasn’t very memorable. – One 30-second spot. They have historically put on really fun, clever, and informative commercials. Hopefully the trend continues.

Century 21 – They have one spot in the third quarter, as well as being the sponsor for a half-hour of the NBC pre-game show. We can’t imagine the commercial being remotely interesting, but with real estate and realtors taking such a hit in the economy lately perhaps being boring is the way to go?

Coca-Cola – At least one spot known so far, but we can’t imagine a Super Bowl going by without some huge 60-second Coke extravaganza. Yes, we were talking about Coca-Cola.

General Motors – Exact number of spots and creative focus is still to be determined, but GM will definitely make an appearance. – We wish it weren’t true but yes, will be back for two 30-second spots. Expect the usual lack of creativity or clear advertising message.

Hyundai – We already talked a bit about Hyundai’s advertising  plans this time around. They plan on airing two 30-second spots.

Doritos – PepsiCo is letting the unwashed masses do their creative work for them once again this year, through the Crash The Super Bowl Contest.

PepsiCo Beverages – There are rumors of two 30-seconds spots as well as a 60-second spot. At least one spot will feature the winner of “X Factor”, which is “American Idol” for people who can’t remember what night “American Idol” is on.

Toyota – Expected to focus on the Camry model, but no definite word yet on exactly how many spots they will be running.

Volkswagen – Last year VW ran away with the Super Bowl advertising crown, thanks to the pint-sized Darth Vader trying to force-choke everything in the house (at least that’s how we interpreted it). Hopefully they knock our socks off again this time around.

That’s it so far. As the day draws closer and more advertisers buy time, we’ll have a better idea of what to expect during the Most Expensive Advertising Day of the Year!