This year, during 2018’s Super Bowl LII, the halftime show will feature the one and only Justin Timberlake headlining the act. When Mr. Timberlake takes center stage at Minneapolis’s U.S. Bank Stadium on February 4th, will be appearing in his third Super Bowl Halftime Show.

His first such appearance came as a member of pop group N’SYNC back in 2001. His second Super Bowl Halftime Show came in 2004 and included in the infamous Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” wherein Timberlake accidentally (or so we’re told) exposed one of Jackson’s breasts for about one second.

We have yet to learn what other artists will appear with Timberlake during the 2018 Pepsi Halftime Show, but if the past is any precedent, there will be at least one or two A-list acts or singers on the stage.

Chances are good that we’ll have some hints (or some outright confirmation) prior to game day, but we’re kind of hoping to be genuinely surprised.

We do know that at least one other big name from the music industry will perform at Super Bowl LII: Pink is going to sing the National Anthem for the 2018 Super Bowl. Which might end up being an even bigger story than the halftime act if players choose to kneel in protest and depending on the reactions to said display.