There are a few companies you can count on when it comes to Super Bowl advertising. Coca-Cola and Budweiser are always a sure thing, for example, and in recent years it has been a pretty safe bet to expect a Kia Super Bowl ad as well as a spot from more recent Big Game advertisers WeatherTech and Avocados from Mexico. (Both of which are brands we here wouldn’t know of if not for their Super Bowl ads, so a job well done, advertising execs.)

But the 2018 Super Bowl broadcast is going to be absent of several brands that have run commercials in the past, and a few of said absences are a surprise. While we weren’t shocked to learn that Fiji Water isn’t returning to a second Big Game after running a 15-second spot during last year’s Super Bowl LI, we were shocked and let down that Snickers is sitting this one out. After all, their long-running “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign led to some of the all-time best Super Bowl ads, like this hit from the 2015 Super Bowl starring Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi (and the Brady Bunch, sort of, through the magic of editing):

We were also surprised to learn that Wonderful Pistachios is passing on a Super Bowl LII ad; the brand has gone big in recent Big Games, airing multiple spots starring top-tier celebrities in recent years. Remember when Stephen Colbert shilled for the salty nuts?

It was also a bit of a letdown to learn that the website platform is going to break its three-year Super Bowl run by not airing a 2018 Big Game ad. The brand has created some awesome spots of late, including this action-packed mini film from 2017: