Here’s the problem with the Super Bowl LII Avocados from Mexico commercial: to have actor Chris Elliott on board and only to use him for about seven seconds out of the minute-long ad is kind of a waste.

Still, the premise of the ad, called “Bubble Dome Riot,” works well enough (avocados without chips and/or the loss of wi-fi drives people into a murderous rage, essentially). And the idea that having Chris Elliott as a part of everything people need to create new, stable society is pretty funny.

This 2018 Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl ad is not as strong as some of their past outings in that it doesn’t really promote the avocado as a food to be enjoyed all year long, a notion at the heart of their past efforts.

But hey, this represents yet another Super Bowl ad from this now regular Big Game advertiser, so they must be pretty happy with the results overall.