It must take quite a lot of ticket sales to make up for the millions of dollars Universal spent on this Super Bowl LII commercial promoting its Orlando Resort and theme park, not to mention the paycheck they surely delivered to former football star Peyton Manning.

But this family-friendly, feel good spot will probably be a hit with millions of Americans watching Super Bowl LII, and who knows if they just might decide: “Hey, why not make our next trip to Universal Orlando Resort? If it’s good enough for Peyton Manning, it’s good enough for us!” Or something a bit less awkwardly phrased than that…

Anyway, while this 2018 Universal Orlando Resort Super Bowl ad isn’t necessarily profound and doesn’t have laugh-out-loud moments, what it does is show off that the theme park has stuff for everyone, from the ride-loving adrenaline junkie to the Harry Potter fan to the Transformers enthusiast.

And when an ad clearly conveys knowledge about the place, product, or service in question, it works.