Alright, so the Super Bowl LII Bud Light commercial “Bud Knight” has some great stuff going for it. There are a few funny lines, such as when the Bud Knight invites some soldiers to hang out if they survive a pitched medieval battle, to which one man, already pierced with several arrows, replies casually: “Probably won’t happen…”

And the production value here is through the roof; this ad looks better than many feature films. But compared to past Bud Light Super Bowl ads, there’s something missing. The filmmakers seem to have relied too heavily on the quality of the production rather than on solid gags, and the ad doesn’t really put beer at the center of the spot, either.

One feather in the 2018 Bud Light Super Bowl ad’s cap is use of the famous “Wilhelm Scream” there at the start. The sound effect has been around since the early 1950s, and is a beloved favorite of movie lovers everywhere. Here, enjoy a montage: