The 2018 Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial lays its message on pretty thick, making sure we all know that we’re all different and that’s OK and that we should all still enjoy a Coke any time we want.

The spot is called “The Wonder of Us,” and promotes individuality and diversity.

Also, it promotes Coca-Cola.

While not all that powerful or memorable of a spot, what this commercial will also not be is highly controversial.

In recent years, a few soft drink Super Bowl commercials have drawn outspoken ire (looking at you, Pepsi and Kendall Jenner, and at you, Coke, with that whole America the Beautiful sung in many languages, even though that was actually a pretty good ad), so it’s no surprise that Coke is playing it pretty safe in their Super Bowl LII spot. (Also, anyone who didn’t already know about Coke probably isn’t watching the game anyway.)