Here’s the thing, producers of the 2018 Kia Super Bowl commercial: Big Game car commercial is supposed to be exciting and engaging and make you want to hop into a car and blast off past the speed limit, not make you want to grab your high school yearbook and stroll through the park brooding wistfully.

So while Steven Tyler’s 2018 Kia Super Bowl commercial is a success in and of itself, it’s a bit of an unusual production for a Super Bowl car ad.

The 2018 Kia Super Bowl spot shows Aerosmith front man Tyler driving backward around a racetrack, managing to erase years of his life and emerge from the sporty, Kia Stinger as a much younger man.

While the spot is moving and well-photographed and uses Aerosmith music effectively, again it will make more people reflect with melancholy on youth gone by then it will prompt people young or older to rush out and buy a new Kia.

That’s our two cents, anyway, but maybe we’re just too awash in memories of yesteryear to consider car buying right now.