The Super Bowl LII commercial promoting the new Amazon Prime Video series isn’t necessarily a memorable ad, though it is compelling. The minute-long spot shows about as many explosions, gun draws, and tense expressions as you’d expect from a preview for an action show.

We learn that actor John Krasinki will be stepping into the eponymous lead role, occupying shoes filled in the past by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck. And we learn that we still have to wait until August to see the show’s premier episode (and probably get the chance to binge watch the entire).

What’s really worth noting here isn’t so much the content of the ad, but the fact that it’s the second 2018 Super Bowl from Amazon. And both ads are more than a minute in length, too. So Amazon has spent well over ten million bucks in ad buys in the 2018 Super Bowl commercial. As it turns out… online retail really pays well.