The Super Bowl LII Pepsi Super Bowl commercial seems to be taking something of a victory lap, as if to say that Pepsi is well aware of its secure spot in the annals of Super Bowl commercial history.

Their 2018 Big Game ad, titled “This Is The Pepsi,” is something of a mini retrospective on many past Pepsi Super Bowl commercials. It pays homage to the classic Cindy Crawford Pepsi ad from the 1990s, while also featuring the model’s son (now himself a model) as if to project into the future.

The ad shows a clip from another classic ad, the Brittany Spears Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. And while we’re at it, the ad references Back to the Future and even has a quick clip of Michael Jackson. So yeah, cultural references abound.

But beyond pop culture references, the 2018 Pepsi Super Bowl commercial also shows off various generations of Pepsi bottle and can designs from the years, reminding us that people have been enjoying this soft drink for generations and are sure to continue to do such long into the future. Whether you drink a lot of Pepsi Cola or not, that’s rather comforting in its own way.