Remember when Han Solo said “Never tell me the odds” before flying right into an asteroid field? Yeah, well Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, C3-PO, and R2 came out of that tough situation just fine.

And so do a few seriously inspirational athletes beat “the odds” by making it to the Paralympics every year. Grab your box of tissues for one of the 2018 Toyota Super Bowl Commercials. “Good Odds” is the ad’s name, and the odds are good that it will move you.

The spot, the brand’s second 60-second Super Bowl LII ad, like its partner minute-long spot, doesn’t shill for a specific make of Toyota vehicle, but instead promotes people writ large, in this case the kids who grow up dealing with disabilities but still become world-best athletes.

Well done, Toyota, on reminding us how awesome people can be. And also reminding us that Olympics and Paralympics are coming soon.