At some point several weeks ago, a rumor got started that Madonna might play the half-time show at Super Bowl XLVI. After official denials and unofficial confirmations, we can definitely confirm that nobody cares either way and Madonna’s people probably leaked the “news” in the first place.

Let’s look at the facts, shall we? First we have the impending release of Madonna’s, ahem, highly anticipated romantic drama W.E., which tells the tale of King Edward VIII’s extramarital affair with Wallis Simpson, and that of a contemporary married housewife stepping out on her husband (and yes, we wish we were kidding). Now this movie was supposed to drop December 8, but the Weinstein Company pushed that back to February 3 to take advantage of Maddona’s supposed appearance at the Super Bowl. Obviously a movie like this needs all the help it can get, so we can’t fault them for their marketing logic.

Madonna’s publicists would not confirm or deny this rumor, though to be fair nobody really asked them anyway so why would they? There was also a leaked itinerary about some world tour, which they categorically denied as fake, which leads us to believe that it’s absolutely true and they’re just trying to develop an aura of mystery to keep people intrigued.

So what we’re left with at this point is no official confirmation or denial of anything involving Madonna and the Super Bowl. That means either that they’ve yet to hammer out the details, or that they’re keeping it a secret for some strange reason.

What is most curious in all of this though is how little anyone seems to really be talking about it at all, other than Madonna’s publicists themselves. It’s almost as if, gasp, her publicity folks started all of these rumors themselves in order to get people talking about Madonna again, since Lord knows how little attention the poor doll has been getting lately. She can’t even get people talking about the new album, that you probably just now learned she was releasing, unless other artists like Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. are appearing on it.

We grew up on the Material Girl’s music and just love it to death, but that was over 142 years ago. If she wants to bring out a new album and go on tour, we really do wish her all the best. We just also wish that this bizarre, amateurish publicity typhoon would disperse and that someone would start dropping some real answers. UPDATE: Oh snap, ask and you shall receive! Now we kinda wish we were going to be there to see it.