You’ve probably already heard the news, but Visa has offered a phenomenal Super Bowl contest that is called, rather unimaginatively, “Visa’s You + Ten Super Bowl XLVI Trip”. Feels kinda like they ran outta steam right at the finish line, doesn’t it?

Just by using your Visa card you are entered to win, or you may alternatively enter via postcard (and it has to be hand-written… so no photocopies, though there’s no official word on whether you can build a machine to write your entries for you, like Lazlo from Real Genius).

The grand prize is a 5-day 4-night trip for up to, wait for it, 11 people to see Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, IN. It includes tickets to the game and all the fixings, like airfare and hotel accommodations (though you have to buddy up and sleep two to a room, because Visa’s only paying for six).  You cannot unfortunately just take the cash value of the prize, which is apparently valued at $59,400.