We’re not sure if this is a new thing, or what. Maybe celebrities have always appeared in Doritos contest entries, but never made the finals? We don’t think so, because this year it seems like every B-List (and that’s being generous) celebrity is trying to get in on the Crash The Super Bowl action by being a part of one of the contest entries.

We’ll get to the celebrities and their respective commercials shortly, but first we have to briefly comment. The Doritos contest has year after year managed to serve up a platter full of amazingly creative ads from what can only be called amateurs: people outside the major creative system that are just trying to get noticed. What eventually wins is a commercial generally worse than anything you’d find produced by your local cable company for the oil-change place at the corner, but at least somebody got noticed that isn’t in the employ of BBDO or McCann Erikson.

With the addition of celebrities we fear, and we hope we’re wrong, that the finals will now be packed with the same mediocre bottom-scum that usually eventually wins the contest, only be virtue of the fact that a semi-celebrity is involved. Time (and the internet voters) will tell. Now on to the terrible celebrity commercials!

Jenny McCarthy: She’s doing this for her autism charity, which makes it a little less annoying than the others provided she can leave the “vaccines cause autism” claptrap out of it. Sorry, no video embed available for this one.

Ernest Borgnine: Stringfellow Hawk’s Airwolf co-pilot needs no introduction, nor excuses for doing an amateur Super Bowl commercial. This guy has a license to do whatever he pleases, including apparently living forever.

Eric Roberts: For our money, this is the best Crash The Super Bowl Entry ever.

Even semi-recognizable character actors are getting in to the game. Here is Sam Lloyd from the late Scrubs, doing what has to be the most disgusting performance involving fake teeth that we can possible imagine.

Sorry, no embed found for this entry yet.

We don’t have the stomach to watch too many of the Crash The Super Bowl ads, but these few were worth noting. Link to some of your favorites in the comments and spread the word!

Credit Where Credit Is Due: Video Contest News has a great write-up on celebrity entries, which was the original inspiration for this post (and includes a more complete list of entries). Check it out here and help spread the word!