You gotta, admit: yogurt and the Super Bowl aren’t exactly what you’d call a slam-dunk. Mixed metaphors aside, it’s definitely a bold move to advertise yogurt during a sporting event, and you have to give Dannon credit for swinging for the fences.

Sorry, we just couldn’t resist.

As part of a “broader effort to get people to eat more yogurt” (not making this up), Dannon has purchased one slot in the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVI. It’s not only Dannon’s first Super Bowl outing, it is (according to them, anyway) the first yogurt commercial to ever air during a Super Bowl. It’s one of those things that almost sounds like a big deal, but really kind of isn’t.

We hope with all the money they’re spending on the ad buy that they create a clear, memorable message for consumers to latch onto. A couple of chicks sitting around on a sofa talking about yogurt just ain’t gonna cut it this time around.

Source: AdAge.