GoDaddy seems to be losing its edge as it approaches its eighth consecutive Super Bowl ad appearance (has the internet even been around that long?). Super Bowl XLVI marks the first time that they’ve managed to not get anything rejected when submitting the original commercial scripts to the hosting network. In other words, there’s an outside chance that this year’s GoDaddy spots won’t be completely terrible.

In prior years, GoDaddy (who produces all of their commercials in-house; we know, hard to believe!) has managed to have every single initial script rejected by the network. There has usually been a more “racy” web-only version of each spot as well, giving viewers a reason to go the website and find out what all the fuss is about. It’s unclear whether this will be the case this time around, though our money is on “Yes”. What’s a GoDaddy commercial without web-only content?

Danica Patrick is also back this time around, because apparently money can buy you a lot of things.

Source: AdAge & AdWeek