Chevy has launched an international competition for filmmakers all over the world (kind of the definition of “international”, we guess) to try and capture the “Spirit of Road Trips”, by shooting a 30-second spot with the theme of “Route 66”. Fans can view, rate, and share their favorite entries, and the best spot will be one of the five Chevrolet commercials aired during Super Bowl XLVI. Chevrolet has ironically partnered with the British firm MOFILM, a specialist in crowdsourcing as a way to develop advertisement ideas.

While fans are encouraged to watch, share, and vote on their favorite spots, it should be noted that the voting might “inspire” the judges’ decision on who the final winner will be. We’re hopeful this means that the judges won’t pick something sophomoric and childish as the winner just because a bunch of people with no taste managed to vote it the highest.

A twist on this contest is that Chevrolet is offering cash money for sharing videos. By sharing videos and getting people to come back and confirm your referral, you can move up the leaderboard and potentially win up to $10,000 for first place (or $3,500 for second, $1,500 for third). By having people come back and confirm their existence as a human being, it also helps ensure that bots aren’t doing the voting rather than real people.

Full details on entering the contest and sharing videos (as well as the entries themselves, of course), can be found at the Chevrolet Route 66 contest website.

Let’s take a look at the Chevy’s introduction to the contest.