You can feel Super Bowl XLIV approach — you can smell it in the air. It smells lightly of beer, chips and cholesterol. Of sweat, triumph and tears. Of angry women telling you to please just come here for a second and you’re DVRing this anyway. But most importantly, you can almost taste the money that’s being put into the latest Super Bowl commercials.

Over the years, the advertising during the Super Bowl has been as much an event as the Super Bowl itself. Companies spend outrageous money on creating and buying the ad space to get their 30 second spot in front of the bagillion (accurate number) of viewers that watch the game that fateful day. Some of the commercials are just plain awful, while others stand in our memories as works of art, as films, as the moment a company — we’re looking at you, Apple, circa 1984 — promised and eventually succeeded at changing the world.

But before we get too excited about this year, let’s look back at the last decade. A decade filled with change and strife, with amazing technological leaps and huge, societal downfalls. A decade full of funny, poetic and powerful Super Bowl commercials of which we have compiled a Top 10 list of. Because if there’s one thing that the beginning of 2010 needs, it’s another Top 10 list.

To do this, we asked one of our favorite writers, Yuri Baranovsky ( — a filmmaker in his own right (his production company: — and he happily obliged.

And so, we hand the reins to Yuri as he tells us his….


10. Career Builder, “If You Hate Going To Work…”


If there’s a year that makes me want to both scream and punch a small animal, it’s 2009.

With the economy crashing, jobs sparse and the Mayan Armageddon nearing, Career Builder gets the mood right and sticks their tongue firmly in their cheek to serve us a hilarious bowl of goofy commercial goodness. Something tells me, though, that the company is less about finding someone a better job and more about finding people any job right now. . So, riding a dolphin may have to wait for a few more years.

Still, it’s a hilarious commercial and one of the best of the decade. You know why? Because a Koala gets punched in the face — and there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

9. Degree, “Stunt City”


Maybe it’s my filmmaker roots or my adoration of action films, but I absolutely love Degree’s Stunt City. It’s well-made and hilarious, it gets the point across without ever having to spell it out, and it somehow even manages to squeeze in their actual product.

Which, by the way, what are they advertising? The commercial is so good that I keep forgetting. Cars? Shoes? Jeans? Oh, deodorant. Okay. Well, who needs brand recognition, anyway? Maybe you would’ve ended up in a better spot on my list if I knew you had actually made this commercial, Degree.

But you know what? As a short comedic piece, it’s fantastic. It has broad strokes of hilarity and small, subtle jokes. My favorite of the latter being the coffee joke at the end — the guy has a whole crazy adventure getting to the office, but burns himself on coffee – it’s comedy like that that gets you on 9th place on Yuri Baranovsky’s Top 10 list.

So, you know. Congratulations, Degree.