The Doritos people have put their collective heads together and chosen the five final entries for the Crash The Super Bowl Contest. From a man who thinks he’s a bird to a homicidal canine, these entries run the gamut from attempts at humor to almost being funny. At least one, probably more, will be featured during Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, plus get the chance to work with the Lonely Island team on a future Doritos project.

Now we have a chance to take a detailed look  at each of the five finalists and see what they have to offer. We felt the finalists this time around were uniformly just above average, with nothing really standing out ahead of the pack but none of the entries being remarkably terrible like in years past. First up is

Bird Of Prey

This one has a really funny premise and almost perfect delivery. “Gary” really throws himself into the role, and the opening shot really promises a commercial that brings the funny. It doesn’t quite bring as much as it promises, but it’s at least amusing.

Hot Wild Girls

This one is so almost brilliant that it hurts to watch it. The acting is so-so, the camera work is boring, but the idea is hilarious! You just know something is going to go wrong and you can’t wait to find out what it is. Funny idea, average execution.

Sling Baby

What do you get when you mix a baby in a swing, a grandmother with horrible maternal instincts, and a bratty punk that deserves a smack in the face? You get this weak entry, which is not really terrible, but we think there had to be more deserving entries in the contest.

Man’s Best Friend

Dog-themed entries are a staple of this competition, though we don’t ever remember them being so macabre. We have here a dog trying to cover its tracks after a feline homicide, and a human that can apparently be bought off for just a sack of chips. Not so much funny as… disturbing?

Dog Park

Saving the least mediocre for last we have this entry, which we have to pick as our favorite to win. We love the opening shots with the dogs running the little doggie course, which clearly sets the scene and draws in the viewer with just two quick shots. A little more care with the casting (you’d never see that strange moustache-beard thingie in a real Doritos commercial) and some rehearsals to get the action sharper would make this spot indistinguishable from a bug-budget ad.

So there you have it, all five Crash The Super Bowl finalists in one handy-dandy cheat sheet. Head on over to the official Crash The Super Bowl Site to vote on your favorite! For every 100,000 votes cast, Doritos is giving away $10,000 to one lucky voter. Vote everyday for a chance to win, and watch the game on February 5  to see who won!