Technology has progressed faster than our wildest dreams — from iPhones to advanced 3D technology to razors that have like 70 blades; we’re a hop and a step away from fully functional cyborgs with 70-bladed hand-razors and the future just seems grand.

As with all things, the progress of our technology can be directly studied through the Superbowl commercials through our time. Which is why we have decided to put together a list of the Top 10 Best Technology-Related Superbowl Commercials Ever… and while the title isn’t great; the list will damn near blow your mind – which you can then replace with a smarter, stronger, faster mind made out of metal.

So, without further ado, travel with us back and forth through time to see how we got here, to 2010, where if we don’t check our email for an hour our heart will literally explode.

Here we go.

10. GoDaddy, 2008 – Danica Patrick


The marketing geniuses behind have discovered the perfect formula for success. It’s simple — hot girl plus promise of breasts on the Internet equals driving viewers to your website. Was it disappointing that Danica Patrick wasn’t, in fact, naked when you went to the GoDaddy site? Of course. But by the time we realized our disappointment we had already gone to the website and registered seven domain names, including, “”

What’s important about this commercial is that its sole purpose was to drive numbers to the GoDaddy website. It’s definitely a change in marketing — ad companies aren’t just hoping to drill a brand name into your head anymore, now they’re asking you to go to their website and drill it in for them.

What’s next? We predict web seriesmercials (there’ll be a friendlier Internet-ey name for it, don’t worry) – which will provide entertainment in-between your actual entertainment but will be sponsored by a specific product. That way, if the commercials are actually entertaining, people would be less inclined to Tivo right over them.

And if that’s not the future, it better be something equally brilliant, because commercials just ain’t working like they used to.

9. Gillette, 1970 – Techmatic Razor


Oh, hi there, New Adjustable Techmatic Razor, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

We wish we had more to say about you, but all we can really think of is — did Gillette not have a working model when this commercial was supposed to be shot, so they figured, oh god, oh god, why don’t we just animate the damn thing? Or, or did the New Adjustable Techmatic Razor not only have amazing customizable beard-cutting properties but was also entirely animated?

We’ll never know — but we will always remember the New Adjustable Techmatic Razor because the New Adjustable Techmatic Razor will give us the closest shave of our life, it’ll literally skim our jugular — and there’s just no beating that.