… and get themselves into some hot-water with animal rights advocates. It’s an ages-old tale about a boy who owns a basketball team, some weird-looking athletic shoes, and a commercial featuring dog races.

First we have word via press release that Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and purported strange shoe-wearer, will be lending his presence to Skecher’s third-consecutive Super Bowl ad appearance. Hopefully this spot is only half as bad as that train wreck last year with Kim Kardashian, a commercial so terrible it made us all wish we were watching a GoDaddy ad instead.

It turns out that this particular ad is apparently the one recently filmed in Tucson, featuring racing greyhounds that get their lunch handed to them by a tiny dog wearing Skechers. Clever, right? Well, change.org didn’t think so and they want it stopped. They have a petition and everything!

Is this making too much out of nothing, or not enough out of something?

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