You know that nifty iPhone app called Shazam that lets you identify songs by holding your phone up to the speaker? You know the app right, that one you used that one time but hardly ever use anymore because it’s a pain in the keister and it’s slower than just asking somebody “Dude, what’s that song?” Yeah, that app will apparently work on a lot of Super Bowl commercials, too.

We think this can be filed under “neat tricks that nobody cares about”, right alongside the Radio Shack CueCat and Nintendo 3DS (kidding!). Apparently up to a third of the Super Bowl ads this year will be able to be identified by using the Shazam app, directing your device to more information and content on the internet… or something. It’s really so unbelievably stupid we can hardly believe people wasted any time on it.

Picture it: the 49ers call a time out (that’s right, I said it), and instead of grabbing a beer or watching Danica Patrick work it for GoDaddy, you’re fumbling in your pocket for your iPhone, tapping in your secret code to unlock it, and waiting for Shazam to boot up so you can, what, hold your phone next to the speakers and get magically taken to the company’s website?

A full listing of the clients utilizing this amazing, 20th-century technology should be available after February 2nd, when the official list of advertisers goes live.