Did you know that Florida’s Tim Tebow is not only a quarterback dynamo but also alive because his mother didn’t kill him? It’s true! In fact, it’s so true that CBS will allow a conservative group called Focus on the Family to air a 30-second ad in which Tebow’s mother tells the amazing story of how she didn’t decide to get rid of her son… and then drinks a Pepsi!

The ad is part of the group’s, “Celebrate Life, Celebrate Family” campaign — and their chairman suggests the commercial is simply a, “meaningful message about family and life [that] comes at the right moment in the culture.” Which moment, you ask? The widespread abortions of star quarterbacks.

The commercial goes against CBS’s policy against airing Super Bowl commercials with divisive political or social content (even banning Pepsi’s controversial: “Coca-Cola Hates Black People” campaign) and is causing quite a stir. CBS has previously rejected ads from PETA, MoveOn.org and the United Church of Christ — who wanted to put an ad on that invited homosexuals to join the church.

The move is shocking… until you consider the fact that the group paid 2.5 million dollars to put up the ad. So, it wasn’t so much that CBS didn’t allow divisive content, it’s that the divisive content didn’t pay them enough.

While we don’t think the ad really matters too much, it does set a precedent. If CBS becomes a platform for preaching instead of a place to see talking babies and a sliver of Danica Patrick’s breast, what stops rich special interest groups from peppering next year’s Super Bowl with their content?

Fact is, the Super Bowl is the biggest piece of advertising real estate available. If we start making it a pulpit, it’s going to go from stupid commercials to Tom Cruise doing Scientology commercials and we’re just not okay with that.