GoDaddy has released their first ad for this year’s Super Bowl. It features Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels decorating a (presumable nude) model with body paint while reciting marketing-speak about GoDaddy’s “.co” domain registration. In short, it sucks, and you can get a look at it after the break.

We can’t help but wonder if this is GoDaddy’s way of saying “be careful what you wish for”? We’ve been saying for years how terrible and puerile their Super Bowl ads are, and how they appeal to the lowest common denominator, and how they generally show a lack of any kind of understanding of good marketing practices.

While this new ad certainly makes an attempt at appealing to the audience’s prurient interests, it does so in such a muted and lackluster way. It’s like GoDaddy is a manic depressive and someone finally got them back on their meds: they’re no longer a danger to themselves or others, but they’re just not that fun anymore.

We hate to say it, but we kind of miss the old GoDaddy.