The ad folks at Kia have apparently finally figured out the secret to Super Bowl commercial success, and it involves Motley Crue, an ultimate fighter, and one of the sexiest Victoria’s Secret models ever to grace our eyeballs with her, um, presence.

Mixed martial arts fighter and former Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell will somehow also apparently be in the ad, along with aging rockers Motley Crue. All of these manly wonderland elements are coming together, along with Adriana Lima, for Kia’s 2012 Optima, a mid-size family sedan. What we know about Kia from this ad is that they definitely, without a doubt understand their target audience.

Short teasers for the spot will start appearing on TV before the big game, with the full launch actually happening in theaters on February 3. Those of us who don’t want to pay $12 to see a commercial will just have to wait until the Super Bowl to watch it.

Kia has released this terrible teaser image to get us all worked up.