This year’s advertisers are bringing to the airwaves more hotly anticipated commercials than ever before, and are using every marketing trick in the book to draw in viewers and keep them interested. Today we’ll run down the most anticipated spots of the year, and show you what’s already been released to tease eager fans hungry for their Super Bowl commercial fix. You may not even know that you’re anticipating some of these commercials, but trust us, you are.

One surprise on this year’s list is Priceline, a steadfast advertiser that has been using Captain James Tiberius Kirk in hilarious spots for their name-your-price travel services for years. This year they are killing off the honorable captain, in a retcon that is sure to anger Star Trek fans the world over. The new ad was released Monday, and the Super Bowl commercial is rumored to be a reveal of their new spokesman and marketing strategy.

Watch The Shat die a fiery death. Fairwell Negotiator, we will miss you.

Next up we have Skechers, a spot that is not so much anticipated as actively being campaigned against. So, you know, good job Skechers? Whereas last year there was a retroactive petition to travel back in time and kill whoever was responsible for forcing us to watch Kim Kardashian try to, you know, act, this year they’re taking the offense in offending their viewers. Dog races sell shoes, apparently.

GoDaddy is no stranger to anticipation: for several years they have lead the league in disappointing advertising, teasing their fans by making them race to their computer during the game only to see that yes, Danica Patrick is still fully clothed. Again. This year they are skipping straight to the admission that they have no idea how to make a compelling commercial, though we give them credit for not getting banned from the broadcast.

Ain’t no party like a CareerBuilder party, because a CareerBuilder party gots CHIMPS! There were the dark years when they thought they could get by without using apes to advertise their services, but someone finally came to their senses and realized that nobody even knows CareerBuilder exists without a bunch of chimps in business suits telling them so.

Again we have to ask: if you worked with actual chimpanzees, would you really want to look for another job?

Finally we have what has to be the most anticipated most anticipated commercial of all time, and nobody even really knows what they are anticipating. “The Bark Side” has already garnered almost 8 million views on YouTube in one week of release. They are wisely capitalizing on the runaway success of the Darth Vader spot from 2011, and as with that commercial they will be releasing the full Super Bowl ad (this one is for the new Beetle) on February 1st, four full days before its broadcast during the big game.

Watch these cute dogs bark out a familiar tune, but wait until the end. The greyhound/AT-AT steals the show.

There are no doubt many spots we’ve missed, and many others that people are undoubtedly looking for. Doritos will show off the winner of their ubiquitous Crash The Super Bowl Contest, and Budweiser may grace our brand new plasma screens with HD shots of their beautiful Clydesdales.

It should be an excellent game of football and advertising, one we hope you enjoy with friends and family. And don’t forget to keep checking back here for the latest in Super Bowl commercial news!