Here’s a list of all the previews that have been sent to us by the advertisers. Tweet us on @SuperBowlAdsTV if you feel we’ve missed any. Include Volkswagen, Bridgestone, GoDaddy, Skechers and Priceline (although we’re not sure if they’re in the final line up).

Coca Cola Teasers



Ferris Bueller

Is this an actual commercial or Ferris just saying he’s going to slack off and not do any work on that day?

Update: here is the better-than-full extended version.


Vampire party and all that hype… Cool vampires drive Audis and exterminate their competition.

Volkswagen Bark Side

Perhaps the most watched preview of them all, but still worth it.


Hey, every car needs tires!


Everyone loves to hate them. But they secretly do admit to watching their commercials.


We’re not sure if this is going to make it or not, but its worth watching Shatner plunge to a fiery death… or did he?


Something for you to protest about.


Here’s one from a first time advertiser – Lexus.


Seen all the car commercials? Want to go out and buy them all? Here’s one from Cars.Com where you can reportedly buy cars.


Kia promoting all new headlights and airbags. (Sorry! Could not resist the temptation!)


They’ll be showing one or more from this preview video.

We’ve been promised more by the PR agencies. Bookmark this page and come back to get teased and tormented.

Teleflora and Adriana Lima

One more. Now she wants us to send her flowers and all that?


Suzuki recently released their commercial for the all-wheel-drive 2012 Suzuki Kizashi sport sedan. Huskies and Eskimos, what more could you ask for?