We posted about this a couple of weeks ago, but now that game day is just around the corner we figured it was time to put together a more definitive guide to who is advertising what during Super Bowl XLVI. This post will feature not just the who and the what, but also pictures and videos from advertisers that just couldn’t wait to show everyone what they had in store.

Starting at the top and working our way down the alphabet, we’ll tell you what to expect and show off any videos that have already been released. We’ve skipped all of the movie studios’ film trailers, because those are pretty boring to begin with and The Dark Knight Rises is reportedly not making an appearance. Now, let’s get to it!

2nd Story Software

Who? We don’t know either. They’ll have a commercial to pitch their Tax preparation software. Not the sexiest stuff we’ve heard of, but the timing and the audience are right. We hope it works out for them.


Honda will be showing off their new, redesigned CR-V, featuring a series of re-created scenes from John Hughes’ classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The 10-second teaser is below, and something else is supposed to be released on Monday January 30.

Update: here is the better-than-full extended version.

Anheuser-Busch InBev

At a total of four and a half minutes of time purchased, AB InBev is still one of, if not the largest Super Bowl sponsor. Their ads will push their various beverages, including a major push on their new Bud Light Platinum.


They’ve already released their only known spot, in which their new LED headlights vaporize vampires that are just trying to have a little innocent fun.

Best Buy

Last year Bieber and Ozzy were going on about something, and this year Best Buy is letting everyone in America know that there is a new way to buy a phone in America. A retailer that some think is in its death throes, Super Bowl commercials are perhaps its only hope of reminding people that they are still relevant and are not, in fact, a showroom for Amazon.com. Some b-roll from the final spot should be made available on Wednesday February 1.


Expect Troy Aikman to lend his face to pitching Bridgestone’s new tires, which is not at all surprising since they are, after all, a tire company.




We’ve already seen the creepy, mesmerizing snake-head oozing out of the guy’s back. It’s almost like the song is hypnotizing us into buying a car throughs Cars.com.

Century 21

Their first-ever Super Bowl commercial will feature three celebrities that have no successful real estate experience: Deion Sanders, Apolo Ohno, and Donald Trump.


Last year’s ode to Detroit was a big hit for the automaker. This year they will reportedly advertise their cars instead.


Coke is trying something totally new and revolutionary this year. At www.cokepolarbowl.com, you can watch the animated polar bears react to the game, the commercials, and the halftime show. There will also be Coke execs on hand during the game to choose which of two different commercials to air. Should be interesting and fun.


Dannon Yogurt

The world’s most famous Greek besides Jimmy and Zorba, John Stamos will help Dannon pitch their Oikos Greek yogurt line. Possibly the healthiest commercial in Super Bowl history. Get ready to get your Stamos on! The final spot will be available on Tuesday, January 31.


The creepy talking baby is back, because apparently nobody told E*Trade that it’s creepy and nobody really likes it. The thing is, this spot is actually well-written and very clever. Sigh, fine, we like it.

General Motors

General Motors has a huge ad buy this year, running ads for their Chevrolet and Cadillac lines. The winner of the Chevy Route 66 contest, “Happy Grad” is below. We kinda wanted to hate this spot, but it’s frankly one of the best contest-winning commercial we’ve seen. It’s funny, modern, and clever. Why can’t Doritos pick a decent winner?



They’ve already released their first ad, a boring commercial for their “.co” registration (why is this a big deal anyway?). Their second spot will apparently feature the Pussycat Dolls, because that makes total sense.


First-time advertiser, they’re launching their David Beckham Bodywear line of clothes. It has been reported David Beckham is not Adriana Lima, so we may find ourselves not watching or covering this commercial at all.

History Channel

While most of us would hope that this ad is an announcement that they will now actually feature shows about, you know, history, it will actually be a commercial for Swamp People. It’s bad enough that they have a show called Swamp People, but they have to make us watch commercials for it?


Update: Hyundai has released all five of their ads for this year’s game. At a total airtime cost in the neighborhood of $20 million (one spot is 60-seconds long), they are in the game big time this year. They vary in quality and tone, though a couple show a level of humor and self-effacement not usual for Hyundai. Here is our favorite:



One of the most anticipated spots of the 2012 commercial season, this features Adriana Lima, Motley Crue, and Ultimate Fighter Chuck Liddell in a tripped-out dream sequence that will somehow also incorporate Kia’s cars. Here’s a teaser:

Kraft Foods

Not strictly speaking a Super Bowl, ad this will air during pre-game, but the spot sounds fun and is worth a mention. Directed by Miguel Arteta (of “Cedar Rapids” and “The Good Girl”),  the :45 second comedic spot will announce the launch of the curiously-but-apparently-intentionally-uncapitalized belVita Breakfast Biscuits to the U.S. We’ve heard a bit about them and they actually seem quite delicious and healthy. We’re looking forward to hearing more about them.


Mars Inc.’s candies are launching a new M&M character, which sounds even less exciting than it is, or maybe that’s the other around. We’re not sure, but on Super Bowl Sunday you get to meet Ms. Brown. If it’s Pam Grier and is directed by Quentin Tarantino then we may be interested.

PepsiCo’s Doritos

Featuring the winner of the Crash The Super Bowl contest, and the Lonely Island crew is reportedly making a spot as well.  Here’s our favorite finalist so far, which isn’t saying much because we kind of think they’re all pretty terrible.


The actual soft-drink arm of Pepsi is advertising PepsiMAX, which depicts a Coke Zero delivery man attempting to discreetly purchase a bottle of Pepsi MAX at the supermarket when he unexpectedly becomes the grand prize winner of “Pepsi MAX for Life.” The final commercial will be available on Monday, January 30.


Samsung has been having a great series of under-appreciated ads, mocking Apple iPhone owners for having handsets that are generally a generation behind on features compared to Samsung and other Android offerings. The spot below is what is currently running, expect something new during the Big Game.

The subtle dig in this video with the line “here’s your charger” is actually misplaced. I can tell you from personal experience that iPhone’s have way better battery life than any Android phone I’ve ever seen. Otherwise this campaign’s message is spot-on.


Skechers totally loses their minds and features dog racing in their spot for this year’s game. We can’t decide if this is a better or worse idea than just having Kim Kardashian spread her stupid around our TVs once more time. Have a look at “Mr. Quigley” in this teaser.



Suzuki recently released their commercial for the all-wheel-drive 2012 Suzuki Kizashi sport sedan. Huskies and Eskimos, what more could you ask for?


More Adriana Lima. Maybe some flowers. Doesn’t matter either way.


First time for Lexus in the Super Bowl. They seem to be off to a strong start with this cinematic and engaging short teaser. Let’s hope the final product lives up to the hype.


They’ve already gotten tons of buzz (and millions of views) thanks to their Star Wars-themed teaser “The Bark Side”. The full ad should be released this week, a few days before the Super Bowl, at which point everyone will lose their minds and crash YouTube the way YouTube has been crashing our Chrome browser all day long.

That’s it for now, folks. We’ll keep this post updated throughout the week as more teaser and previews roll in, and if you’re hungry for more details Ad Age has a complete rundown of all of the known advertisers, as well as who is handling the creative duties for each spot and the total ad buy (if known).