Let us start off by saying, generally, we’re unimpressed Superbowl-Commercial-Creators. This was not a great year for you. The commercials felt a bit like chewed gum — flavorless, dull with a strong feeling of, we’ve seen this before, haven’t we? Aside from our top commercial listed after the jump, we didn’t think anyone brought anything new to the table. We’ve always believed that art — and yes, filmmaking and commercial making is, in fact, an art — must make you react strongly. Either you hate it, or you love it. The fact is, these commercials made us neither hate them nor love them — they made us “eh” them, and that, that is the worst thing of all.

Still, we’ve worked hard to sift through the “eh” and bring you the top best and the top worst commercials of 2010. We’ll start with the worst first.


3. Dr Pepper Cherry Dr Love – Little KISS

Okay, this is an announcement to everyone — yes, KISS is a bizarre group with bizarre make-up that’s far more of a joke than a band. We’re all aware of them, we’re all aware that it’s amusing, we’re all aware that everyone is fully capable of creating something to make them the butt of the joke. Let’s stop now, okay? We’re tired of KISS references. And that was just a long walk for that joke — a little kiss of Cherry? Midget Kiss?

If  “awful” had a commercial, you would be it.

2. Audi Green Car

We’re as lefty-save-the-planet as anyone, so when a commercial for a Green Car makes us want to bathe in plastic cups while clubbing baby seals, it’s probably not a good thing. The commercial tries too hard to be funny and instead makes everyone who doesn’t do all the things it lists feel like a jackass.

We’re all for conservation, really. But you’re overwhelming us and you’re not even trying to be funny about it. You’re just being douchey and you’re making all of us want to take a deep breath and drive the Audi into an endangered baby polar bear.

…and the worst commercial…

1. Tim TebowI’m So Glad Tim Tebow Grew Past FetusHood

And you were doing so well, Tim Tebow commercial. The press was all abuzz, people were yelling, arguing and leaving blog comments about the world plummeting to the fiery pits of hell. It was the best press you could possibly get and all you had to do was just land it. All you had to do was stick to your guns, create some more press, really go for the throat.

But you didn’t. Instead, you made a commercial that stood on the mountaintop and yelled to the hundred million people gathered, “I’m glad I had a son! Children make parents happy!” Wow, what a message. You mean some parents actually love their children? We’re stunned. We’re — oh, wow, did Tim Tebow just tackle his mom?

…wait. We just figured it out. This isn’t a commercial about pro-life, it’s a commercial about pro-killing-your-parents.



Oh, and by the way — for those readers who will take this pick as us hating pro-life and Jesus and Christianity — no. No, that’s not it at all. It was just a bad commercial. Plus, we totally think she should’ve aborted Tim Tebow.


3. Simpsons – Broke Billionaire 

We’re not sure if this is purely a nostalgia pick or what, but we just really enjoyed the Simpsons commercials. We generally enjoy Coke’s marketing but it was fun to see the Simpsons being… relevant. It’s an ad that made us go, “Aww..” and we’re fond of those kind of ads. It harkens back to a simpler, better time when the Simpsons were still great, Bart was still hawking Butterfingers and Tim Tebow didn’t try and murder his own mother.

2. Betty White – Snickers

This was easy to pick. To be honest, it’s still not an amazing commercial, but it’s Betty White and… well, it’s easily one of the best of the Superbowl. Betty White is always funny, always smart, and always a blast to watch. If they just put her in front of a white screen and had her hawk a product, it would still be a Superbowl commercial favorite. She’s just that good.

…and the best commercial of the Superbowl is…

1. GoogleParisian Love

This is an obvious pick, we realize, but it’s one of the best commercials we’ve ever seen. Are we being a little grand? Maybe. But here’s the thing — it’s just beautiful in its simplicity. Other production companies spent millions of dollars to create crazy 3D effects to try and deliver a huge punch — while Google had us on an almost-static screen and destroyed the competition. This is what happens when you create something with heart, imagination and wit. This is how Google became Google and it should be a lesson to all filmmakers — it’s not about the effects, it’s not about being grandiose, it’s about the story and the heart. You’ll always win them with that.

What are your favorite 3/hated 3 commercials? Let us know!